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Dawid Jezierski

illustrator / concept artist / 2D animator

Artist originally from Koło, Poland. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting with a specialization in printmaking. In his work he draws inspiration from many different fields and creates in a variety of moods and techniques – from darkness and anxiety to vivid, bold and even abstract colors.

The main fields of his practice are concept art, illustration and occasionally 2D animation. In his work he tries not to think in one direction. He uses a wide range of styles – from comic and cartoon to semirealism and stylized realism. He always tries to select media and techniques so as to best capture the message and atmosphere of the work. He cares not so much to convey a content, but rather to tell a story. He often adds hidden details that give character and deepen the interpretation of the work. That’s why he especially likes illustrations. He is inspired by such artists as Piotr Jabłoński, Sergey Kolesov, but also by frugal and minimal ones such as Malika Favre.

woodstock babe

945 x 661 px

3,00 ETH

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Art does not like to be rushed. It is necessary to find time for communing with it and contemplation. That is why we have created the “artist of the week” section, in which we have decided to dedicate each week entirely to one artist.

We have the best artists and they deserve the best!

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Meet the artists we promoted in the past weeks

woodstock babe

by Dawid Jezierski

The work is a copy and at the same time its own interpretation of the painting Babie Lato by Józef Chełmoński. The work refers to the Polish rock music festival once known as Woodstock and now Po’and’Rock Festival. It is known throughout Europe for its very laid-back, rebellious, but also welcoming atmosphere.

The unusual idea of reinterpreting the painting reveals a whole new world of meanings – it overcomes the patriotic barrier built up over the years by museum and art historians who revere the (unusual, of course) artist that was Chelmonski. It gives the distance so necessary to contemporary art. The work brings some relief to the reception of art (especially so-called “high” art, pumped up over the years by patriotic interpretations). It shows that art can be played with and made contemporary in an interesting way with details.

3,00 ETH


by Romina Bandini

The graphics show the two main characters in the story the artist is working on. The main goal of the artist was to convey the feeling of dissociation and instability of the character below – Ali. At the same time, she wanted to emphasize the importance of the figure on the mountain – Ian – in his life, being the main source of light in the illustration. It should also not be overlooked that it is Ian who pulls Ali out of the water.

Ali, however, does not look at the source of the light, but gets intoxicated with it as he looks at his hands. Thus, it focuses on the positives of the relationship without forcing himself to recognize the real source of the feeling.

This work addresses the problem of relationships and connections that people make between themselves. Everyone has a role to play in such a relationship. The artist shows these roles beautifully and metaphorically, also showing the feelings that accompany being in a relationship.


1,69 ETH


by Romina Bandini

This artwork was made as a tribute to the war between Ukraine and Russia. This is how the artist writes about the work: “I concentrated more on the struggle between the different voices and opinions of the people involved. I used a sinking ship as a metaphor, and its oil or blood as a being that pollutes rulers’ decisions, represented by a giant gull holding a strand of sea monster hair in its mouth. The sea monster represents forced civilians. to become a weapon in the name of peace, but thanks to the green speck at the end of the tail, it has a strong bloom in hope. In the background, the small gulls outlined in red represent the ongoing toll of this conflict”.

1,69 ETH


by Romina Bandini

This poignant artwork is an artistic expression of human action and real consequences. In the foreground we see an action – two lovers holding hands and committing suicide by taking cyanide. In the background you can see the consequences – the police and their bodies. The chosen theme touches on the topic of mental problems and the consequences of not getting adequate help. Strong work is characterized above all by dynamism. The viewer is witness to an extremely sad scene, which both happens and you can see its consequences. Thanks to this procedure, the work takes on an unusual, intriguing character, showing two points of view. The broad concept allows the viewer to assess the situation in many respects, which may evoke ambivalent feelings. It is not only compassion and sadness when you look at lovers, but also the powerlessness, regret and anger that emanate from the policemen. The dark colors chosen by the artist masterfully emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

1,69 ETH


by Romina Bandini

The work refers to the problem of living in the past and reflecting on it. The main character, illuminated by a fireplace, looks at the fire with absent eyes. You can see that he revolves around his memories with regret. The hands placed on his head are, moreover, a symbol of obsession and regret. Next to it, you can see shapeless figures whose existence is indistinct, blurry in memory. Their ghostly form has lost its primacy, but they are still present in the memory of the protagonist. Their strong influence on him allowed them to materialize as shadows standing next to him and judging him almost all the time.

Thanks to the unusual concept and many nuances that can be discovered, the work becomes one of those that we look over and over again for a long time. The contrast of the warm heat of the fireplace and the terrible shadows perfectly highlights what is going on in the main character’s head – the feeling of being haunted by memories and an attempt to escape to safety.

1,69 ETH

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