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Estera Tajber

visual artist

Estera Tajber is a Polish artist established in France since 2000. She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Krakow and perfected her taste for performance, video, design and fashion at the School of Fine Arts in Paris. Her performances and installations have been exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo and in numerous cultural institutions. 

Estera Tajber develops a conceptual artistic practice through a wide variety of media: performances, site-specific installations, videos, sounds, texts, choreographies, scenography, paintings, drawings, NFT’s, graphic design and photography. 

Constantly adopting new forms, her work deals with the relationship with time, notably by inviting the spectator to a moment of pause. The latter is integrated into these poetic stagings and is an integral part of these works. Through these creations, Estera Tajber reaches a wide audience and creates a more intuitive relationship to art, outside of conventional settings and places. It is a response to a mode of consumption specific to the contemporary world which isolates the individual more and more in virtual universes. 

The artist’s recent productions are immersive journeys in the form of audiovisual performances and interactive installations. Estera Tajber creates situations of expression in which she stages herself. She chooses to give time to time during these events, these choreographies are based on duration, length and precision of gesture. Estera Tajber breaks the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds by giving the impression of a beautiful escape during which the spectator finds himself in a space outside of time.

Travel with Estera is a large, long-term project involving many different performative activities, video arts, and curatorial NFT art drops initiated by artist Estera Tajber. The artistic concept challenges emotions resulting from contradictory stimuli, double perception and subtle ambiguity. It offers training, re-education of our sensitivity, in order to learn to recognize semantic nuances anew. In a world filled with constant information, she proposes, through her work, a break in the current, a moment of pause, a sphere of lightness available to everyone. She would like travelers with the Travel with Estera agency to experience new feelings – disturbing but poetic. Thanks to the engaging and interactive form, referring to primal emotions and all the senses, the participant can experience deep moments.

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