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General Information pays special attention to the Users’ right to privacy. We protect the personal data of our Users and apply appropriate technological solutions to prevent third party interference in the privacy of Users. The collected data is not shared with any other entities.

The administrator of personal data processed as part of the portal is

Application Form

In the application form, basic personal data should be provided, such as: name / nickname and e-mail address. In accordance with the purpose of the application form, a portfolio should also be sent, and it should be marked that the User has full ownership and copyright to all submitted artworks, references and links.

In accordance with the currently applicable Personal Data Protection Act, you must also consent to the processing of your personal data by


Due to the functioning of the portal, one of the methods of collecting information about users is the use of the “cookies” mechanism. Cookies are text files that the server saves on the user’s disk, thanks to which it will be able to “recognize” him when reconnecting. Cookies are used for statistical and analytical purposes (creating statistics for internal purposes), as well as for purposes related to facilitating the filling of permanent content. It should be emphasized that cookies are not used to identify specific users, and on their basis we are not able to determine the identity of users.

By using the website, you accept the savings of „cookies”.

User Rights

Each user has the right to object to the placement of cookies on his end device. To do this, use the option to disable this mechanism available in the web browser.

User data will be stored by as long as it is not requested by the user to delete it. The user may at any time request the deletion of this data via e-mail:

We use cookies

For you… To ensure that our website functions properly. For us… To collect statistics and to further improve our website. You can control cookies through the settings of your web browser.

By closing the window, you consent to the storage and processing of cookies in accordance with the Privacy Policy.