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Aware of the increasing carbon footprint on our planet, we decided not to sit with folded hands, but to act! We develop our activities thanks to the startup Eco Tree, which undoubtedly favors the fight for land.


EcoTree is a green-tech company specializing in sustainability. Theirs goal is to promote environmental awareness and engage individuals and businesses in eco-friendly behaviour by offering simple, concrete, and financially viable solutions to becoming a tree or even forest owner.

We decided to join the group of Eco Tree users because we believe in the rightness of this idea and we see the potential in a constantly developing project.

Mother's Day Bundle

We have already planted many trees, but on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we decided to buy the Mother’s Day Bundle, thanks to which the estimated CO absorption is 2.3 tons!

Details of the pack

Every tree matters

Take a look at this project and maybe you will decide to support the fight against the carbon footprint!

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