amor training

by Endokrates

In the center of the phenomenal image, an angel in full armor with huge, beautiful wings stands out. Right next to him or her (although the angels according to religious beliefs had neither body nor sex) you can see a small cupid clumsily holding a bow. The scene depicts learning archery as part of cupid training. The painting refers to cupid – the god of love known from Roman mythology. In traditional art, the cupid is often depicted as a young man or a naked boy with wings at his shoulders, a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Despite the large number of paintings with cupids in the lead role in traditional art, he plays a supporting role in this painting. The first one is played by an angel, presented by the artist with great grace and nobility. Gold and yellow colors also accentuate it, giving the impression of solemnity in the depicted scene.

0,46 ETH


// Martin Treschl

digital artist

An artist from the Czech Republic. As a child, he was interested in drawing and painting, but did not pay much attention to it. Years later, he graduated from the SSUD school in Brno as a restorer of antique furniture. A few years later, however, he began to devote himself fully to digital art. He learned independently for two years, and then went to study concept art in Gdańsk at the Focalpoint School founded by Darek Zabrocki and Michał Kuś. After graduation, he started working in the entertainment industry as a concept artist. In the future, he hopes to work with a combination of traditional and digital techniques.

His art, although it’s fully digital, has a very traditional character. In the works one can see imitation of brush strokes, blur and non-ideality. All this adds up to the very impressionistic nature of his works. It gives them originality and refers to traditional techniques present in painting. The subject matter that the artist touches upon in his works is, above all, broadly understood fantasy. In his paintings appear angels, mermaids and elves. However, he does not shy away from creating classic portraits and quick studies.

amor training

1 920 x 1 184 px

0,46 ETH

elven forest

12 000 x 7 179 px

0,39 ETH


3 500 x 2 193 px

0,52 ETH


1 920 x 1 400 px

0,39 ETH


1 920  x 1 959

0,52 ETH


673 x 950

0,39 ETH

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