chill space

by Philoo

The original artwork imbues the viewer with an eerie atmosphere broadcast straight from the fantasy universe. Chilli space is about having fun, loosening up and being together despite being set in a rather dark atmosphere. Such a technique is characteristic of the filmmaker, who often creates in black and white – it strongly emphasizes the atmosphere he wants to achieve. Thanks to the multiplicity of shapes, the viewer has the impression that the cosmos and the characters in the picture are vibrating. The artwork itself is characterized by great attention to detail, which greatly affects the reception of the work.

3,90 ETH


// Abolfazl Filoo

2D/3D artist

Artist born in Iran.  He studied graphics at the conservatory and then graduated in illustration from Karaj Art University with a bachelor’s degree. Originally focused on creating 2D art, but in the last 3 years he has been developing as a 3D artist. For almost 7 years he has been working professionally as a concept artist in the field of video games, films and animation.

He loves the dark surrealism style and mainly works in this trend. He is also very interested in recognizing human disorders and mental diseases that are connected with the world of surrealism and fantasy. From childhood, he is into ghastly, cold and foggy spaces – which is also clearly visible in his art. His works focus on telling a story. A multitude of finely crafted details, superbly detailed compositions and extraordinary aesthetics are hallmarks of his work.

kiss space

5 125 x 5 125 px

3,90 ETH

space music

4 456 x 4 456 px

3,90 ETH

chill space

3 857 x 3 857 px

3,90 ETH

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