expository offer

For connoisseurs, wishing to transfer a copy of their digital artwork to the real world, we provide such an opportunity. We offer support and sales of dedicated exposure solutions of your digital artworks in the best possible quality, you can choose one of the most suitable technologies for you.

printing technology

that allows to reflect

the effect of the device screen

Diasec is a patented mounting process which permanently joins transparent acrylic glass with printouts. This method leaves the final work totally free of streaks or bubbles. The printed artwork stays completely joint to the materials, safe from UV lights and the colors provide a wet look, perfectly clear and vivid. 

See how exactly it is built on 

The finished product remains flexible too, enabling it to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, which commonly affects works on paper.

Diasec® facts

when was this technology invented?
the process was invented by Heinz Sovill-Brulhart as early as 1969
who can produce diasec?
only holders of an Official Diasec License obtain the exclusive raw materials to produce the real Diasec
what is the color fastness?
according to research, it is estimated today for over 100 years
how are the Diasecs shipped?
in personalized, made to measure transport boxes (sea, air, land shipment)

Diasec is a worldwide trademark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland.

NFT display screen

specially designed

for digital art

Tokenframe™ is an NFT display that comes in many variants, you have the option of having a Tokenframe with many specifications:

size range starts at 10" and goes up to 55", while the available resolution is up to 4K.

variants over 10" have anti-glare screens = no reflections from nearby light sources.

devices have built-in stereo speakers for artwork with background music.

device frames are made of natural wood, with non-fungible woodgrain (4 colors).

for variants over 10", the rotating wall mount allows the device to be rotated 90°.

Tokenframe™ app

The device is operated by the TOKENFRAME™ APP available on Google Pay, Apple Store and on the website for desktop devices.

You will gain access to your NFT Gallery by logging in with Metamask and over 50 other wallets.

The app will let you control graphics fill / fit, border color / width, and much more.

Contact us and we will prepare a proposal of the best solution for your space.

acrylic glass

crystal clear acrylic glass sheet


top secret DIASEC formula

art print

Kodak Professional color photo paper


plate to reinforce the rigidity


hanging system

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