I don't want to go to the fish market

by Aibrahim Zx // Treepol Phromyong

Mermaids, as creatures already derived from Greek and Roman mythology, are widely adopted by contemporary culture and pop culture. The mysticality of mermaids and many understatements about their origins and intentions are an inspiration to the creation of newer and newer productions. The character created by Treepol fits very well in the framework of pop culture messages. She has a very delicate, feminine and innocent appearance that evokes pity at first. “I don’t want to go to the fish market,” she says to the man or woman who caught her. However, we know stories saying that they are dangerous and cunning femme fatale creatures. These two faces of mermaids – as an innocent and murderous creature have coexisted with each other for many years, which is why this work is exciting. It does not reveal the true nature of the painted figure. We, the recipients, can add and interpret the story hidden in this picture.

1,30 ETH

Aibrahim Zx

// Treepol Phromyong

digital artist and animator

Treepol Phromyong (Aibrahimzx) is a Thai artist and animator. He has been interested in drawing from an early age. Treepol grew up as an art nerd and has always been interested in creating new images. This passion pushed him to go to art studies. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts / Multimedia from Rangsit University and did not stop there, because to this day he’s learning about art and new art trends.

He’s particularly interested in high fantasy and science fiction, which is often represented by his works. His art is characterized by visible digital brush strokes that mimic the actual technique of applying paint. Despite this, the artist pays great attention to details. He is particularly eager to create portraits, delighting with the ability to capture the emotions of the characters he paints. Currently, he is an independent artist entering the world of crypto art.

future cop

2 048 x 2 732 px

1,30 ETH

i don't want to go to the fish market

2 048 x 2 481

1,30 ETH

mystery grandma

2 048 x 2 732 px

1,30 ETH

short hair girl

2 682 x 3 068 px

1,30 ETH

side way

2 000 x 1 125 px

1,30 ETH

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