I'm fine

by Katerina Fotaki

The work depicts a person in a dark room sitting in a hunched position. A repeated inscription – ‘I’m fine’ – can be seen next to it. Katerina Fotaki writes about the work: “There are those winter nights when you don’t feel well, so isolation in a room seems the only solution to get your mind back. You try to find a positive thought and convince yourself that everything is fine.”

The work, then, is a representation of a person in a situation of restlessness who is looking for balance, a deep breath and a pause in life to be able to say to herself “I’m fine”. We all have stressful situations, bad days that we have to get through despite everything. The work is a reflection of such a reality. Despite the rather overwhelming subject matter, the work has positive vibes and takes over with warm colours. It doesn’t put people off, but understands the problem and what it entails.

0,85 ETH

Katerina Fotaki

graphic / visual artist

Greek artist raised in the wilderness of Crete. She studied and graduated in Athens with a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She currently works in Berlin, which inspires her to create more illustrations. Her circumstances growing up made her a nature lover, but she has always been curious about the craziness of urban life. She is inspired by the environment she lives in and the emotions that surround her. For her, illustration is a way to express her dreams and feelings in a surreal way. She likes to create faces and figures, focusing more on their different emotions and expressions. Katerina’s paintings never run out of colours, as she has learned to live in colourful cities with a strong multicultural character. Her works can be described as psychedelic and definitely surreal.

“My aim is to capture as much emotion as possible in a way that makes the viewer notice the image for a few minutes. Through my paintings I want to evoke positive emotions, but sometimes I like to evoke a mysterious absurdity.” – Katerina Fotaki

family photo

2 480 x 3 508 px

0,75 ETH

wind took my brain

4 961 x 7 016 px

0,42 ETH


4 961 x 7 016 px

0,85 ETH

I'm fine

2 894 x 4 202 px

0,85 ETH

my cat is big

4 961 x 5 293 px

0,85 ETH

hold my brain

2 480 x 3 046 px

0,62 ETH

camping in Greece

5 542 x 4 204 px

0,98 ETH

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