by Lara Scolari

The painting was inspired by the Menindee Lakes – a chain of shallow, ephemeral, freshwater lakes in the Australian outback, connected to the Darling River, forming a storage system for life-giving water. The lakes are home to nearly 220,000 waterbirds, including freckled ducks, gray teals and pink-eyed ducks. The artist explores the theme of visually capturing the invisible energy, movement, life force and emotion beneath the surface.

The strong red colors are the most prominent in the painting – they symbolize life and everything related to it, however, one finds such colors as blue, yellow, green, filet. There is a whole variety of color palette reflecting the natural landscape of Menindee Lakes.

2,60 ETH

Lara Scolari

painter / visual artist

An Australian visual artist who lives and works in Sydney, in the port city of Balmain. With a Master’s degree in Cross Disciplinary Art & Design from the University of New South Wales (MCDArtDes, UNSW) and years of experience working in the arts and culture sector, she expresses this wealth of knowledge in her art practice. She has participated in many international exhibitions and art fairs.

 Influenced by major artistic figures such as Brett Whiteley, Helen Frankenthaler, John Olsen, Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko, she is an action/gestural painter, and her work is created in the style of abstract expression. Thus, she explores developed, experimental techniques and processes. She builds each work using a variety of media, creating depth through transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas. 

Her works are inspired by memory, meditation, music, culture and the essence of Australia. She continues to explore the theme of capturing the invisible energy, movement, life force and emotion hidden beneath the surface of Australia’s complex culture – while reflecting the palette of its natural landscape.


2 420 x 1 932 px

2,60 ETH


2 823 x 2 268 px

2,60 ETH

Jimmy's Lorrie

10 000 x 6 456 px

3,90 ETH


2 268 x 2 733 px

2,60 ETH

yin & yan

9 850 x 10 000 px

1,30 ETH

yan & yin

10 000 x 9 957 px

1,30 ETH

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