prepare for battle!

by Piotr Gajda

The battle scene presented by the artist is the result of his interests in medieval martial arts, chivalry and large conquests. The city in the background and the knights bathed in the golden sunset, as well as the horses and pennants were drawn with attention to every detail, which gives the work realistic features.

The scene shows the beginning of the conquest of the city, as evidenced by its slight damage despite fire and smoke. The knight on horseback encourages the rest of the army to fight and, raising his sword up, gives a signal to attack. Everyone is ready to win the battle.

This artwork won 1st place in Conqueror’s Blade game loading screen challenge.

1,30 ETH

Piotr Gajda

concept artist / illustrator

Polish concept artist, illustrator. Civil engineer. He has worked on projects such as Xanadu – A Nibiru Roleplaying Game Expansion and Giant Uprising (VARSAV Game Studio).

He started drawing out of pure passion and at the beginning – only for himself. His artistic path began 10 years ago. At that time, he mainly created illustrations, but he worked at the same time in really different professions – from an engineer on a construction site, through a photographer, a designer-constructor to official work. In the meantime, he was still struggling to find his place in the large-scale commercial creative world.

He has always been interested in discovering media – started with the traditional ones, through photomanipulation, to digital and 3D painting. Thanks to this passion, he has recently been working in Gamedev as a concept artist. His main inspiration is nature, as he grew up in the countryside, surrounded by forests and lakes. That is why his main activity has become the design of places, areas and architecture, i.e. environment concept art.

Piotr Gajda’s works show, above all, a variety of circles and heroes. They stand out because they are focused on creating different stories, in which nature plays the main role. The characters can most often be found in the center of the painting – they are small in relation to the environment, but necessary to tell the story. This does not mean that the artist does not pay attention to them – quite the opposite. Gajda focuses on details to best reflect the mood of the painting. The artist’s works are inspired by both medieval wars, myths and futuristic ideas about the world.


5 525 x 2 607 px

1,30 ETH

prepare for battle!

3 840 x 2 160 px

1,30 ETH


4 637 x 1 945 px

1,30 ETH


3 662 xt 1 853 px

1,30 ETH

swamp giant

1 500 x 729 px

1,30 ETH

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