by Adam Galambos

This extraordinary portrait work speaks to the viewer in two ways. On the one hand, it is extremely realistic, you could consider it a photo, although it was made in a 3D modeling program. On the other hand, when we look closely, we see plasticine connections referring to the cult and popular modeling of characters in plasticine, for example from films such as Coraline and The Secret Door. However, this does not diminish the seriousness of the work, quite the contrary. This proves the uniqueness and originality of the work, which seems to be close to us through cultural references (not only in the sphere of technology, but also in the sphere of content). The title character refers to shamanic culture. A shaman is a person who performs a religious function, consisting in a formal and institutional ecstatic bond with superhuman beings, spirits of ancestors or demons.

0,70 ETH

Adam Galambos

digital artist

Romanian artist graduated from the art school in Orader. He is involved in digital art and has been interested in 3D programs since the age of 12. He is inspired by everything around him, the world itself, but also by how it is seen by others. Through his works, he tries to express the emotions that he feels at the moment of creation. Recently, he has been creating darker and more abstract art, reaching back to its roots. His works, apart from technical excellence, also radiate a wide-ranging mystery. It is felt that the artist rethinks the entire concept of his work before it is created, perfectly weaving hidden threads and secrets. Although he is a young artist, he perfectly combines a complex message, intuition and technical skills, creating unique works of art.

His goal is to make his works thought-provoking, a certain experience, and to influence the viewer and his emotions. About how he creates and what he feels then, he says: “I feel an infinite catharsis during the creation that elevates me, gives me a wings and it’s pushing me from what is ordinary and average.”


1 920 x 2 688 px

0,70 ETH

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