an uncertain retreat

by Bartłomiej Jędrzejewski

The forest scenery presented in the painting is dominated by a huge tree visible in the foreground. On one side we also see wanderers – a person and his dog, and on the other side a house or a tavern. The travelers glance towards the building, implying that they are on their way to it to rest. However, the very title of the painting, An Uncertain Retreat, raises our doubts as to these intentions. One thing is for sure – the characters are at a crossroads, facing another adventure… The painting is another version of the journey and discovery as a leitmotif in the works of Jędrzejewski.

1,05 ETH

Max Mitenkov

digital artist / illustrator

Max Mitenkov is a Minsk-based illustrator and artist. He studied advertising design at Minsk University. He became interested in illustration on his own and decided to educate himself in this direction. He started working as a freelance illustrator in 2005. His works have appeared in advertisements, publications, and on book covers, including those of HarperCollins Publishing House. In 2012, he received the Special Jury Award at the 6th SICAF’12 International Digital Cartoon Contest, Seoul, Korea. He has repeatedly participated in exhibitions, the most recent being the European art fair NFT Crypto Art Island.

In his artworks, he expresses his vision of the world through an atmosphere of surrealism. The post-apocalyptic motif recurs more than once in his works, emphasized by the gray color palette, which he also uses frequently. The artist strongly focuses on the mood that emanates from his works. Often it has a vanitative character.

backward thoughts

3 660 x 3 660 px

2,60 ETH

cloud in the pants

3 660 x 3 653 px

2,60 ETH


4 252 x 3 508 px

1,30 ETH


7 472 x 3 780 px

1,30 ETH

to the last journey

7 472 x 3 780 px

2,60 ETH


4 000 x 2 000 px

2,60 ETH


7 000 x 3 592 px

1,30 ETH

fog walk

7 000 x 3 621 px

1,30 ETH

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