genesis - second chance​

by Bartłomiej Jędrzejewski

A futuristic work awarded in the Crystal Canvas artistic competition in 2021.This is how the author writes about it:

“When humanity learned that all life on Earth is doomed, it was already too late to save it. Economic and cultural crisis led to global conflict followed by mass exodus, nuclear war, natural disasters and in the end – total apocalypse. Not only humanity, but most of the complex life forms ceased to exist in the great cataclysm and the following, never-ending atomic winter…

Thousands of years later, after all the radioactive dust falls down, and the sun starts to shine back on the surface of the planet, a robot called N-03 wakes up from the millenia-long hibernation. Its mission begins – it is not to save life on Earth, but to bring it back”.

1,05 ETH

Adeeb Jrrah

visual & 3D artist

Artist originally from Saudi Arabia. He has completed the Computer Graphics Master Academy course, as well as courses at Gnomon Website. He has been working in the NFT art industry since 2019. His art concentrates on visualizing mechanical robotics objects. The hard metal surface of the objects he creates is important in his work. His projects are primarily explorations around the creation of robots and high science fiction, as well as mechanical parts for cyborgs and other characters.

His art is inspired by the work of real engineers in robotics and CNC (Computer Numerical Control). With his knowledge of 3D software, he is able to create futuristic constructions with amazing designs. To achieve this, he spends a lot of time researching and learning.

Romanian artist graduated from the art school in Orader. He is involved in digital art and has been interested in 3D programs since the age of 12. He is inspired by everything around him, the world itself, but also by how it is seen by others. Through his works, he tries to express the emotions that he feels at the moment of creation. Recently, he has been creating darker and more abstract art, reaching back to its roots. His works, apart from technical excellence, also radiate a wide-ranging mystery. It is felt that the artist rethinks the entire concept of his work before it is created, perfectly weaving hidden threads and secrets. Although he is a young artist, he perfectly combines a complex message, intuition and technical skills, creating unique works of art.

His goal is to make his works thought-provoking, a certain experience, and to influence the viewer and his emotions. About how he creates and what he feels then, he says: “I feel an infinite catharsis during the creation that elevates me, gives me a wings and it’s pushing me from what is ordinary and average.”


6 000 x 4 379 px

5,20 ETH


8 096 x 8 096 px

5,20 ETH

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