floating islands

by Bartłomiej Jędrzejewski

An intriguing creation showing a beautiful view of the valley with islands floating around it. It evokes warm emotions in us, mainly due to pastel colors that are pleasing to the eye. One floating island draws our attention more – there is a house on it, which the wanderer and his companion dog gaze at from below. Is this the end of their journey? Or just a stop in their never-ending adventure?

These questions often appear in the mind of the viewer when it comes to Jędrzejewski’s painting. Discovering, road, meeting, wandering, adventure – these are the words that most accurately describe what the artist wants to convey to us through specific scenes in his works.

0,91 ETH

Bartłomiej Jędrzejewski

concept artist

Concept artist and illustrator born in Poland. In his works, he uses a wide range of modern digital techniques, but also likes to refer to traditional ones. While painting, the artist focuses not only on creating a sense of credibility while maintaining the principles of the painting technique, but also in every work he tries to create a story with its own context and narrative that will be able to fascinate and evoke emotions. A recurring theme in his works is the journey and exploration of mysterious, unknown worlds full of unexpected encounters and amazing phenomena.

In his free time, he loves to travel. He always has a sketchbook with him for these occasions. Currently lives in Opole (PL), where he works as an illustrator and art director for a board game publisher.

an unexpecting meeting

4 742 x 1 692 px

0,91 ETH

an uncertain retreat

6 486 x 2 509 px

1,05 ETH

night walk

3 243 x 1 328 px

0,91 ETH

floating islands

6 314 x 3 000 px

0,91 ETH

a new journey

5 938 x 2 969 px

1,05 ETH

genesis - second chance

3 500 x 3 500 px

1,05 ETH

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